Mud Race - May 14, 2022 
Thank you to all who participated in the Mud Race on May 14th!
Congratulations to all of the Winners!

Winners are as follows:

Class A Mod:
First: Landyn Murphy
Second:  Cheyenne Marsh
Third: Joseph Parson
Class A Stock:
First: Amanda Richards
Second: Kendra Murphy
Third: Brad Handy
Forth: Chris Maguffin
Fifth: Hallie Jacobs
Class B:
First: Shea Curtis
Second: Terry Conn
Third:Kenny Buchanan
Forth: Bill Underwood
Fifth: Jason Raymond
Class C:
First: Chad Hillis
Second: Garrett Conn
Third: Derrick Arnold
Forth: Colton Beavers
Fifth: Austin Moore
Class D:
First: David Underwood
Second: Daniel Vaden
Third: Chris Knopp
Class E:
First: Jesse Brown
Second: Matt Mathis
Third: Daniel Jones

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